Update on The Connelly Curse (Celtic Witches, Book 2)

Hi, everyone!

This morning, I decided to push back the release of The Connelly Curse.

Don’t worry, though! When I say ‘push back,’ I only mean by a month or two. I’m now looking at a March release. So not too far off! 🙂

As for the reason for the postponement…

The story has just evolved in ways I hadn’t anticipated (meaning more chapters I now have to write), but I’m excited about the new developments, and I think you will be too!

Of course, I could very well just push that all aside and write a rushed storyline for the sake of meeting a deadline. But that would mean cutting out a number of scenes, which would come at the cost of important character-development and world-building, two things I absolutely love and which I know many of you enjoyed about Book 1. Plus, I care about producing quality work, and I know rushing through the remaining chapters will compromise that, which I wouldn’t be okay with. I care about the experience you, my readers, have – and so I always want to put forth my best work in all things.

And just as importantly, I want the story to unravel exactly as it’s meant to, with plenty of room for the characters and relationships to grow and with enough space for the world to feel as immersive as possible while you’re reading.

So, yes. As frustrating as it is, and as impatient as I feel to get Book 2 into your hands, I know that postponing the release is the best thing to do for the story so that it’s everything I’d hope for it to be.

I promise you it will be well worth the wait, though, and I thank you so much for your understanding and continued support! 🙂

(Oh, and if you’ve already Pre-ordered the book, don’t worry. Amazon only charges you when the book releases. Since the Pre-order has been cancelled on my end, that means your method of payment was never charged.)

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